Welcome to Farmhouse Love! We offer a variety of services here. We can organize, do suggestion boards & also we can do the full home make over in your home.

Package 1 – Suggestion Board- This starts at $100/hour per room. Basically we will design a room based off of suggestions we believe that will look great in your room. This includes, pictures, SKU #, price, web links & full description of the piece of furniture that we have picked out. We will pick out 3-5 items per furniture. EX: if you need a new coffee table, we will give you a selection of 3-5 to pick from. Suggestion board is solely based off what we think and what we suggest in your space.

Package 2 – Suggestion Board + Shopping time. We will provide you a suggestion board along with shopping time. Starting at $100+/hour. Shopping time will include what stores we think we should shop at that best fits your style and budget. We can go look at pieces we have suggested plus looking at new items. Shopping time is based off per hour.

Package 3 – Suggestion Board, Shopping time + come a decorate your home. Starts at $125/hour.

Package 4 – all-a-cart- $50 hour. A lot of clients want to “pick” my ear. Ask about what they think should go in this area, send pictures, facetime call etc. This is great if you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money but just want some advise to move a few things around or go buy a few new things.

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